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Hustle. noun. the act, desire, or process of creating income and opportunities where they didn’t exist before.

Job. noun. work that you do in exchange for money. See also: dream job. noun. work that makes your soul as happy as it makes your bank account.

Boss. noun. 1. a woman who lives and works on her own terms. 2. a woman who is in charge of and accountable to herself.

Great! Now, that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff: What is this site all about?

My mission with this site is to help you (and a whole bunch of fierce women like you) figure out how to make a living doing what you love to do. (We’re talking at least enough to finance your shoe habit. And maybe a beachfront vacation house. Or several.)

Why? Because I believe that a world where women, especially women of color, are encouraged to dream big, disregard the status quo and what people tell them they “should” be doing, and create kick ass lives and careers that utilize their skills AND passions is a better world for everybody.

Three years ago, I set out to do my part in creating that world, kind of by accident!


Here are the facts: I graduated from college in 2010 and proceeded to have a series of perfectly ok jobs in the non-profit sector until I was laid off in the fall of 2012.

Getting laid off was a wake up call for me. Not just because I had about $352 in my checking account (although, don’t get it twisted – that was pretty damn stressful) but because I realized that “playing it safe,” doing what was expected of me – getting my college degree and finding a “good” job – wasn’t safe. I’d done everything right and yet there I was: with no job, no money, and very little energy to go searching for the next thing.

So I didn’t. I didn’t go searching because when I sat down and was finally honest with myself, I knew that the job I really wanted was a job that I would love: a job that would allow me to do work I was crazy passionate about, on my own terms… Preferably while not wearing pants. (Because, duh. Who ever really feels like wearing pants?)

I quickly realized that my dream job didn’t exist. So I went about creating it. Black, Married, and Hustling is a behind the scenes look at what happened next.

This site is a living documentation of my daily hustle for MORE – more income, more impact, more balance, more love, more joy… And all the tears and triumphs I’m encountering along the way…

The first web series of its kind…

Part memoir, part instruction manual, part informal biz education, Black, Married, and Hustling is a totally real, totally transparent, often ridiculous behind the scenes look of my life as a young, married, passionpreneur. It’s the first web series of its kind to take you behind the scenes of a one woman business, as it’s being created in real time.

As cliché (and some would say, unrealistic) as it sounds, I “want it all.” I want a six figure dream job and a happy marriage; I want to be a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend. I want to love myself unconditionally, to treat my body with respect, to have the most luscious freaking Afro this side of the Mississippi.


What you’ll learn:

My process for starting a business while balancing a 9-5 job.

I’m teaching my behind the scenes strategies for launching a passion based business while holding down a full time job.

How I balance my business and personal life.

I’ll be spilling the beans on my relationships, family life, insecurities, and self-esteem stuff. In other words, my path to building an entirely fabulous life, not just a fat paycheck.

Somewhat useluess stuff about how to survive life as a displaced southerner in a mid-western world.

Because it’s hard out here, yo!

Is Black, Married, and Hustling only for married folks?

Umm, heck no! Black, Married, and Hustling is a reflection of what I believe every dream career should be: an endeavor that reflects and respects all of who we are as people, not just bits and pieces.

Yes I’m a hustler but I’m also a black woman who is recently married, just as every woman in this community is a business owner as well as a daughter, sister, friend, artist, writer, runner, mamma, dancer, activist, and a million other adjectives I’m sure you can come up with even better than I could!

At the end of the day, it boils down to this: I want it ALL. I don’t know if it’s possible but this is my journey to find out. Join me.

Welcome to the tribe, sis!